Empowering Minds to Move Mountains

More About Ollie

What is BreakPoint?

A disruptive change of habitual behaviour in line with a pre-determined goal.

Founded by Special Forces veteran Ollie Ollerton in 2015, ‘BreakPoint is a Globally identified brand, recognised for the positive growth, and development of others.’

BreakPoint changes the way you think, unearthing potential, whilst empowering mental wealth. Most people go through life not understanding who they are and neglecting to work on the most important project there is – themselves.

BreakPoint is the key to unlocking your potential and rewiring your belief in what is possible.

“Until you’re mentally prepared, you’ll never be physically ready.”

– Ollie Ollerton


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Charities BreakPoint Support

The Tsering’s Fund team works to bring real change to the people of Nepal who need it most. Our team members in Nepal know the communities and where to get involved to create the greatest impact. All fund officers, administrators working in Nepal and Tsering’s Fund Board Members are volunteers. Volunteers meet their own costs of travel and accommodation.

Our work spans the globe as we assist law enforcement in rescue efforts and help provide aftercare to all those affected. While we prioritize children, we work to empower the liberation of anyone suffering at the hands of those looking to sexually exploit. We offer vital resources to authorities around the world and work tirelessly to raise awareness and meet survivors on their healing journey. Our resolve never falters, and we will boldly persevere until those in need are safe.