We're planning our annual corporate event. How can a speaker like Ollie Ollerton benefit our organisation?

Ollie Ollerton, an acclaimed Corporate Speaker, offers a unique blend of insights that touch on personal resilience, leadership, and wellness. His speeches can inspire your team to overcome challenges, improve collaboration, and enhance overall productivity, making him an excellent choice for your annual corporate event. Ollie’s keynote speeches focus on transforming adversity into strength, empowering employees to overcome personal challenges, and inspiring a resilient mindset. What sets Ollie Ollerton apart as a Corporate Speaker is his personalised approach to each audience, encouraging personal growth, enhanced job satisfaction, and overall healthier lifestyles. His methods align seamlessly with modern HR initiatives, building a culture that promotes success and well-being. When engaging Ollie for your event, you’re not just booking a speaker; you’re inviting a transformational experience that will leave a lasting impact on your team. With Ollie Ollerton as your Corporate Speaker, you’re investing in the future success and health of your organisation, making him a valuable addition to any corporate event. His ability to connect and resonate with audiences is a testament to his reputation as a leading figure in the corporate speaking world.

We need an annual event speaker who can address both personal growth and corporate development. Is Ollie Ollerton a good fit?

Absolutely! Ollie Ollerton, a renowned speaker in both personal growth and corporate development, masterfully intertwines these two essential themes in his talks. Drawing on lessons from his military experiences and BreakPoint’s philosophy, Ollie inspires individuals to be their best selves. His focus on personal growth doesn’t only benefit the individual but translates into stronger, more resilient teams and healthier organisations. Ollie Ollerton’s unique perspective on corporate development stems from his understanding of how personal development feeds into organisational success. By emphasising personal empowerment and resilience, he helps employees see the connection between their individual growth and the broader goals of the company. This alignment fosters a cohesive, engaged workforce that is more adaptable and productive. Whether your organisation is looking to boost employee morale, enhance teamwork, or elevate leadership capabilities, Ollie’s approach to integrating personal growth with corporate development is unmatched. Booking Ollie Ollerton as the speaker for your corporate event will undoubtedly lead to an inspiring, transformative experience that will resonate with your audience and contribute positively to your corporate culture. His insights offer an invaluable asset to any organisation aiming for continuous growth and excellence.

Who is Ollie Ollerton and why is he renowned in the corporate speaking circuit?

Ollie Ollerton is a former Special Forces operative, founder of BreakPoint Academy, and an influential corporate speaker known for inspiring transformation. His extensive experience and unique background enable him to address topics such as resilience, adaptability, wellness, and personal growth, all of which are crucial in today’s fast-paced corporate world. Ollie’s talks are not just motivational; they are actionable, providing tangible strategies that spark positive transformation within individuals and organisations. This has solidified his reputation as a go-to corporate speaker for businesses looking to invest in employee development and organisational growth. His approach is multifaceted, emphasising not only the mental and emotional aspects of resilience but also the physical and strategic aspects. Through his corporate speaking engagements, Ollie Ollerton offers insights that stem from his military experience and his work with BreakPoint, applying them in a corporate context to inspire change, foster collaboration, and enhance overall productivity. The success stories and testimonials from corporations that have benefitted from Ollie’s talks are a testament to his effectiveness. Whether addressing leadership challenges, teamwork dynamics, or individual growth, Ollie’s insights are both practical and profound, resonating with audiences across various industries. In a nutshell, Ollie Ollerton’s reputation in the corporate speaking circuit stems from his unparalleled ability to translate complex experiences and insights into accessible lessons that can be applied in the corporate arena. His approach has made him one of the most sought-after speakers, contributing positively to the personal development of employees and the success of organisations.

How does Ollie Ollerton, as a speaker, differ from other speakers?

Ollie Ollerton sets himself apart from other corporate speakers by combining his hard-hitting experiences with his expertise in personal growth and corporate wellness. While many speakers may focus solely on inspiration, Ollie emphasises actionable change, providing practical tools and strategies that can be implemented within an organisation.

His approach is unique, offering more than just a single speaking engagement. Through BreakPoint Academy, Ollie ensures the application of his principles long after he has left the stage. BreakPoint’s ‘Pre-event Intelligence Gathering’ and ‘Post-event Analysis’ services provide corporations with the resources and tools necessary to track and support their employee wellness goals, creating an ongoing impact. Ollie’s talks are customised to align with an organisation’s unique needs and challenges using this information. Creating a more personalised experience that resonates with attendees. In addition to his engaging and inspiring delivery, Ollie’s association with BreakPoint offers a continuum of support, reinforcing the messages and strategies imparted during his talks. This approach ensures that his insights translate into lasting change within organisations, distinguishing him from other speakers in the corporate circuit. Ollie Ollerton’s tailored approach, hands-on follow-up through BreakPoint, and focus on actionable change mark him as a unique and valuable asset for any corporate event, setting a new standard in the industry. His methods have not only inspired individuals but have led to tangible improvements in organisational culture and performance, making him a standout choice in the field of corporate speaking.

What is BreakPoint and how does it contribute to the effectiveness of Ollie Ollerton as a speaker?

BreakPoint is an innovative organisation founded by Ollie Ollerton, focusing on empowering individuals and corporations to break through mental and physical barriers and reach their maximum potential. This approach is founded on Ollie’s unique lessons learned from Special Forces training, which have been adapted and fine-tuned for the corporate world. When Ollie Ollerton speaks at events, he infuses BreakPoint’s principles into his talks, delivering them in a way that resonates with a business audience. This adds depth to his speeches, making them more than just your average talk. It provides attendees with practical tools and strategies they can apply in their daily professional lives. Furthermore, BreakPoint’s systematic approach allows for a continuation of the learning process beyond the event itself. Services such as ‘Pre-event Intelligence Gathering’ and ‘Post-event Analysis’ are offered, which provide corporations with valuable insights to track and support their employee wellness and professional development goals. These services make Ollie’s speeches more impactful and tailored to the audience’s specific needs, reflecting real-world challenges and solutions. By choosing Ollie Ollerton as your corporate speaker, you are not only investing in an inspiring keynote but in a comprehensive approach that ensures ongoing growth and development within your organisation.



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