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Soldier. Survivor. TV star. Best-selling author. And the man behind BreakPoint.


Ollie Ollerton has lived an incredible life.

Survivor of a highly traumatic event aged 10, tours of Northern Ireland and Iraq under his belt before the age of 21 as a Royal Marine, and a Special Forces soldier with the SBS by the age of 23.

When Ollie left the military, his life spiralled out of control. Struggling to define his purpose, he headed back to the only environment he felt comfortable in: a war zone. In the wild west of Iraq during the fall of Saddam Hussein, his inner noise fell silent amid the outer noise of conflict. But life as a mercenary took its toll. Alcohol offered a ready form of escapism.

Ollie tried to get himself back on track with a ‘normal’ life in Australia, but it just wasn’t possible. Before long, the call of danger beckoned and he was out in Thailand working with an elite team to rescue children from child slavery and sex trafficking. This experience was a pivotal moment in Ollie’s life. It helped him define his future purpose – helping others – which would become the very heartbeat of BreakPoint.

Visualisation And Goal Setting Pays Off

In 2014, Ollie returned to the UK for good. Having bounced around war zones for more than 20 years, he came back to nothing. No house, no money and no job. He knew this clean slate was the perfect opportunity to take some time to change negative habits that were holding back his true potential. He spent three months on his own, working to correct his negative paradigms and getting control of his drinking. It’s this exact, self-imposed mental bootcamp that Ollie shares in his book, ‘Battle Ready’.

Within a year of Ollie arriving back in the UK, he was in Wales with Channel 4 filming the first series of SAS: Who Dares Wins as part of the original Directing Staff. This new TV show was an overnight success when it first arrived on screens in October 2015 and Ollie and the other DS were propelled into the limelight. Ollie was involved in seven series’ of SAS: Who Dares Wins with Channel 4 from 2015-2019 and is now a member of the Directing Staff on Channel 7’s SAS Australia, rated the most popular TV show in Australia.

Ollie Ollerton, Founder of BreakPoint and International speaker at the speaking event, BMF Istanbul.

Inspirational Speaking

Ollie is a highly experienced and sought-after inspirational speaker. He has delivered hundreds of keynote talks to a variety of businesses all over the globe. Unique, engaging and thought-provoking, Ollie has faced many of his own breakpoints and reveals the lessons he has learnt along the way. Ollie will not only tell you his incredible story, but furnish attendees with the tools to improve the way they think and perform. It’s a clear call to action to stimulate positive growth.

Being on TV has allowed Ollie to have a voice, to write books and grow a large following. He feels he feels he has a duty to use this exposure to share his experience and knowledge for the greater good. Helping people to learn and grow from his challenges, adventures and accomplishments, past, present and future.

“Ollie’s speaking is genuinely inspiring, uniquely underpinned by real-life experiences. The account of events from Ollie’s career is truly engaging and serves to reinforce the key messages, which are delivered in a concise and actionable way.”

Best-Selling Author

Ollie is a multi-best-selling author, with five books so far. His autobiography, Break Point, was a number one best-seller and his personal development bible, Battle Ready, made number three in the Sunday Times Bestsellers list. He’s written two novels – Scar Tissue and All Or Nothing – and uses the platform of fiction to bring awareness to alcohol abuse, child trafficking and mental health. Ollie’s fifth book, How To Survive Almost Anything, was released in May 2023.

“Battle Ready was the Mike Tyson hook to the balls that I needed. It’s got me totally reassessing my life, my actions and habits and my circle of friends. It’s bloody brilliant. It’s exactly what I needed at this point in my life.”

For you. For your team. For your success.


Alongside his TV career, Ollie remains focused on growing BreakPoint. With the mission statement…

‘BreakPoint is a globally identified brand, recognised for the positive growth and development of others’

…this is where Ollie’s passion lies. From individuals, teams or businesses looking to develop their organisation, Ollie thrives on guiding others to understand and access the potential within us all and exploit their opportunities.



Please send your enquiries and messages for Ollie to the BreakPoint team and we will be happy to help.