Maximising ROI On The Investment In Employee Wellness

85% of employees worldwide aren’t engaged or are actively disengaged at work, according to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace report. When your employees feel cared for, they care more – about their jobs, their output, and your business’s success…

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Daily Habits to Improve Your Performance at Work

Habits push you to your limits and sometimes, just a little bit beyond. Because that’s where the magic happens, right? Three habits. They might not sound revolutionary, but if implemented consistently, they’ll move mountains. It’s all about embracing that discomfort…

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Ollie Ollerton: Keynote Speaker for HR Leaders

One of the most pressing challenges faced by HR leaders is addressing mental health concerns within their teams. The corporate world often overlooks the personal battles employees face, affecting productivity and overall well-being…

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Fuelling Corporate Success with The BreakPoint Growth Mindset

Leadership, at its core, is a dynamic journey—one where challenges aren’t roadblocks but stepping stones. Working to have a growth mindset allows you to view challenges not as threats, but as chances for improvement. It’s about creating and driving a culture where setbacks are seen as lessons, and failures are seen as the groundwork for your success…

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