The Truth About Peak Performance in The Workplace

Mar 1, 2024Speaking

Forget “peak performance” as some fancy term bandied about in boardrooms or splashed across self-help books. It’s not about hitting a high note now and then; it’s about your team smashing it, day in, day out – even when life throws its curveballs.


Why You Should Give a Toss About Peak Performance

Less sick days? That’s not luck. It’s because when your team is motivated, they’re less likely to throw a sickie because they’re actually excited to come to work. And when life’s inevitable challenges do crop up, they’re equipped with the tools to tackle them head-on. It’s about building resilience, not just in individuals, but in your team as a whole.

And here’s the kicker about staff turnover – it sucks the life out of your team and your pocket. Keep your team steady, and they’ll grow stronger together. That’s the sort of spirit you can’t just pull out of thin air with new faces every month.

Ollie Ollerton: Leading the Charge

Ollie doesn’t just talk the talk; he’s walked it – in the boots of the UK Special Forces, no less. He knows what it means to rely on the person next to you, to build a team that doesn’t just survive, but thrives, even when the going gets tough. 

Now, he’s adapted these principles into a platform not just for those on the front lines but for you, running the daily gauntlet of life. The 9 till 5. Or the 5 till 9.

Not just for those in the conference room but for everyone. Those on-ground staff, those working unpredictable shifts, out on the roads, or labouring on construction sites. Ollie’s approach is about forging elite teams everywhere.

BreakPoint Academy: Keeping the Performance Dial Cranked

We’re not about just a pep talk; it’s about making change stick.

Ollie Ollerton’s BreakPoint Academy is an intuitive platform that focuses on ‘mental wealth’, providing tools for goal setting, habit tracking, and a range of on-demand content stemming from Ollie. To get your team to peak performance. The more we invest, the better the return on investment.

For employers, BreakPoint Academy offers a powerful tool to connect with your teams. You gain invaluable insight into your employee engagement, mindset and mood from the incredible data collection tool, enabling you to provide timely support, foster a nurturing environment, and build a resilient, productive workforce.

Level Up Your Team Today

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