Why Employee Wellbeing Matters

Feb 12, 2024Speaking

Let’s talk about what really powers your business. Sure, profits and products are great, but the secret weapon? Your team’s wellbeing.

Employee wellbeing is a critical factor that often operates beneath the surface. Yet it is so important. When neglected, the absence of support for your employee’s wellbeing can lead to increased staff sick days, a worrying staff turnover rate, and a discernible dip in motivation levels across the board.


The Ripple Effect of Ignored Wellbeing

When the wellbeing of your employees is side-lined, the impact is more than just a personal concern; it becomes a corporate issue. Increased sick days are just the tip of the iceberg. Each unplanned absence can disrupt your workflow, delay project timelines, and place undue stress on other team members. Potentially compromising quality, and service delivery.


Turnover: The Hidden Drain on Resources

But it’s not just about absence. High staff turnover can become a critical drain on your company’s most valuable asset – its people. The cost of losing a single employee extends beyond the immediate loss of productivity. It includes recruitment expenses, the time invested in training new hires, and the loss of team morale. It’s a cycle that can put a brake on your company’s momentum, hindering its growth.

Motivation: The Fuel for Success

Motivation is another casualty when employee wellbeing isn’t given the priority it deserves. A team that lacks wellbeing support is like an engine running without oil – eventually, it’s going to grind to a halt.


Ollie Ollerton: The Catalyst for Change

Understanding these challenges is where Ollie Ollerton steps in. With a history in the Special Forces, Ollie knows first-hand the importance of wellbeing for peak performance. His keynote talks don’t just highlight the issues; they offer practical solutions. Drawing on real-life experiences and proven strategies to boost morale, reduce turnover, and decrease sick days.

    BreakPoint Academy: Your Strategic Partner

    Going beyond the talk, Ollie and The BreakPoint Academy offers a lasting solution. It’s an investment in your company’s culture that equips employees with the skills and support they need to manage their wellbeing proactively. The BreakPoint Academy’s resources are designed to integrate seamlessly into your employees’ daily routines, providing a constant source of support and encouragement.


    The Bottom Line

    Employee wellbeing is the cornerstone of a successful, sustainable business. It’s about looking beyond the balance sheet to the human element that drives every aspect of your company’s success. With Ollie Ollerton and The BreakPoint Academy, you’re not just addressing a single aspect of business operations; you’re elevating your entire organisation to new heights of performance and well-being.


    Are you ready to place employee wellbeing at the heart of your business strategy?

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