Embracing the Journey: Insights from Ollie’s Best Selling Book ‘Break Point’

Dec 20, 2023Speaking

In the ever-evolving climb towards personal and professional excellence, Ollie Ollerton’s “Break Point” best-selling book is about resilience and perseverance.

This blog post delves into the deeper lessons that Ollie, a former UK Special Forces operative and prominent corporate speaker, imparts through this riveting narrative.


The Unyielding Spirit of BreakPoint UK

At the core of BreakPoint philosophy, as embodied by Ollie Ollerton, is the unyielding spirit to persist beyond perceived limitations. Ollie’s experiences, from the SAS Who Dares Wins to the demanding trials of life, echo a truth that transcends the battlefield: the journey of growth never ceases.


Ollie Ollerton BreakPoint: Beyond the Battlefield

Ollie Ollerton’s “Break Point” is not just a recount of his daring adventures; it’s a metaphor for the workplace’s daily grind. The book underscores a message crucial for every walk of life: success is not a one-time event but an ongoing battle demanding constant vigilance and adaptability.

In “Break Point,” Ollie draws parallels between his SAS training and life’s unpredictable nature: “You don’t get to choose when a battle stops… You might have already emptied yourself… but if you get downhearted and lose momentum, that’s dangerous.” This insight teaches us that life’s challenges don’t end when we reach our goals; often, they simply signal the next phase of our journey.

False Endings and New Beginnings

Ollie Ollerton’s life story is marked by pivotal moments that many might see as the culmination of their efforts. However, in his reflections, Ollie recognises these milestones as ‘false endings,’ not the final chapter but rather the close of one and the beginning of another.

Take, for instance, his achievement of becoming a Royal Marine. “Becoming a Royal Marine was a proud moment, undoubtedly, but it didn’t bring the lasting happiness I expected,” Ollie admits in the book.

This realisation speaks to a universal truth that Ollie emphasises: our journeys are rarely linear, and reaching one goal often unveils a new path, replete with its own challenges and opportunities. It is a testament to the idea that personal growth and contentment are not found in a single achievement but in the continuous pursuit of purpose and self-improvement.

Ollie’s insights encourage us to embrace each ‘ending’ not as a halt but as a launchpad for the next ascent. They compel us to question our own perceived endings, urging us to view them as gateways to new beginnings, reminding us that every goal reached is a stepping stone to further growth and that true happiness is found in the journey, not just the destination.

Reflecting on the anti-climactic nature of achieving his goals, Ollie shares, “My life has been full of false endings… But when I became a Royal Marine, it didn’t make me happy.”


Resilience in Adversity

Ollie’s philosophy on life’s hardships is forthright and empowering: “It’s the journey, however uncomfortable, that provides the growth… Traumatic childhoods, failed relationships, disillusionment with work, all of that tough stuff provides lessons to learn from.” It’s about moving forward, undeterred by setbacks.


Conclusion: The Journey Never Ends with BreakPoint UK

“Break Point” by Ollie Ollerton is more than a book; it’s a philosophy that resonates with everyone from corporate leaders to employees striving for excellence. The journey to the top might be arduous, but with Ollie’s guidance, the path is clear. Let BreakPoint UK be your guide to navigating the corporate mountain, ensuring that every step, every climb, is a step towards a higher vantage point.

You can purchase ‘Break Point’ here.