Ollie Ollerton: Keynote Speaker for HR Leaders

Jan 5, 2024Speaking

Why Ollie Ollerton?

Ollie isn’t just a keynote speaker; he’s an experienced professional who has faced and conquered adversity.

When you hear the name Ollie Ollerton, you might immediately think of his military past, his resilience, and his expertise in the Special Forces.

However, his unique blend of hard-earned wisdom, practical strategies, and genuine care for individual wellness is proving to be a game-changer in the corporate world.

Ollie’s experiences shape his talks into powerful narratives, offering a roadmap for overcoming challenges and transforming struggles into successes.


Addressing Mental Health in the Workplace

One of the most pressing challenges faced by HR leaders is addressing mental health concerns within their teams.

The corporate world often overlooks the personal battles employees face, affecting productivity and overall well-being.

Ollie Ollerton, with his expertise as an employee wellness speaker, becomes the bridge between understanding and action. His engaging talks bring to light the importance of mental wellness, providing HR leaders with the tools to create a supportive and nurturing environment. Which in turn drives productivity.


Transformative Leadership for HR Professionals

For HR leaders seeking a catalyst for change, BreakPoint Academy stands as the answer. Ollie’s keynote speaking goes beyond motivation; it offers a profound understanding of leadership in the face of adversity.


Take a Step Towards Transformation

In the world of HR leadership, BreakPoint Academy with Ollie Ollerton emerges as a strategic partner. By enlisting Ollie as your keynote speaker, you’re not just addressing challenges – you’re embracing a transformative journey.

What truly sets BreakPoint apart in the realm of HR initiatives is its commitment to continuous engagement.

HR doesn’t function in a vacuum, and neither does BreakPoint. It’s not just about an isolated session or workshop; it’s about building a long-lasting relationship.

The aim? To ensure the principles of resilience, adaptability, and well-being are constantly nurtured and reinforced.

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