The Real Challenge of Networking: Moving Beyond Survival Mode

Jun 13, 2024Speaking

Ever find yourself at a networking event, mingling among a sea of new faces, only to leave hoping you never have to encounter any of them again? Because whoops – you’ve forgotten their name.

If that sounds familiar, you’re not alone. It’s a common scenario where the routine exchange of names and handshakes leads to instant forgetfulness. Why does this happen? The explanation lies deep within your brain’s wiring.


The Brain’s Survival Mode

Our brains are fundamentally programmed for survival, not for thriving in social situations.

When introduced to someone new, our brain rapidly scans through memories, trying to match faces with emotions. If no connections are made, we switch to high alert. This survival mechanism often keeps us tethered to what’s known and comfortable—the proverbial ‘safe zone.’

But what happens when we dare to step beyond?

The Habit Loop Phenomenon

Humans are creatures of habit. Our brains love the familiar, the routine – it’s comforting and predictable. But real growth starts where comfort ends. Embracing change is about recognising discomfort as a sign of growth, not a warning signal to back off.

Positive Wiring on Demand

The default setting of our minds is to be wary, to conserve, to survive. And yet, it’s this very caution that can stifle growth. By acknowledging this, we can consciously choose positivity, take calculated risks, and move beyond the ‘what-ifs’ that hold us back.


Shortcut Syndrome

Shortcuts might save time, but they rarely pave the way to lasting achievement. True success is a path of persistence, not the easy way out. It’s about a journey of meaningful progress, not just quick wins. Take a leaf out of our book – literally and metaphorically. Embrace the discomfort of change, harness the power of positive thinking, and cut out the shortcuts. Start aligning your thoughts with your aspirations and watch as your outside world begins to transform.


BreakPoint’s Role in Your Transformation

BreakPoint understands the challenges of stepping out of the comfort zone.

 Our approach helps individuals harness the power of positive thinking and effective habit formation to navigate beyond their survival instincts. Whether it’s through our workshops, talks, or our BreakPoint Academy we’re here to guide you through the discomfort of change towards a path of personal and professional growth.

Interested in bringing this transformative experience to your next event? Reach out to discuss how Ollie can inspire and lead your audience towards overcoming their survival instincts and embracing true growth.

Remember, the journey of change begins with a single step out of the safe zone. Are you ready to take that step?

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