Maximising ROI On The Investment In Employee Wellness

Mar 11, 2024Speaking

When the chips of down, the world of corporate business is about the bottom line. ROI, profits, turnovers.

But there’s a game-changer that’s reshaping the industry.

This isn’t about token yoga sessions or fruit baskets on Fridays. It’s about hardwiring a culture that helps your staff to be top of their game.

Here’s why the wellness of your employees is a serious investment with real returns…

85% of employees worldwide aren’t engaged or are actively disengaged at work, according to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace report.

That’s like having a football team where only two players are actually chasing the ball. The rest? They’re just jogging around, maybe thinking about what’s for lunch.

Now imagine a squad where everyone’s gunning for the goal, where each player is as passionate about the company’s success as the CEO. That’s what an effective wellness programme can do. It shows you’re not just invested in the company’s health, but in your people’s too. And when they feel cared for, they care more – about their jobs, their output, and your business’s success.


Wellness Programmes: The Hard Numbers

Businesses with highly engaged workforces are 21% more profitable, as reported by Gallup. But there’s more – the CIPD’s Health and Wellbeing at Work Survey finds that businesses in the UK are slowly tuning in, with more than half reporting they have health and wellbeing activities available.

The BreakPoint Academy Advantage

Enter the BreakPoint Academy. This isn’t your standard wellness programme.

Think of it as elite training for your employees’ minds that gives you insights on how they’re really feeling. All headed up by none other than Ollie Ollerton, a man who’s turned life’s hardships into successes.

The BreakPoint Academy’s approach is dynamic, and it’s proven.

It’s a fully immersive training platform, tailored to the modern employee. Delivered seamlessly to their phone or desktop.

Reporting real-time insights to you.

At its core, it’s designed to understand and elevate the mindset of your team. So that you can make organisational decisions that best support your employees, promote wellness and increase productivity.

Using bespoke tools to the platform such as:

Mindset Meter: A tool not just to gather data, but to genuinely connect. Daily check-ins act as a barometer for your team’s mental state, allowing timely interventions and support.

Goal and Habit Tracking: Using Goals Tracking enables employees to clarify what is important to them. What they need to focus on. And holds them accountable for what they said they would achieve.

On-Demand Content from Ollie: Content that supports your employee’s journey to becoming an all-around better person.

Anonymous Surveys: Sidestep the apprehensions of job security and tap into the core of your organisation’s mental and motivational landscape.

AI-Powered Knowledge Centre: An instant, on-the-go solution finder, elevating efficiency and user engagement by over 65% more than similar platforms.

ROI Like Never Before

So, what does this all mean for your ROI?

Imagine reducing your staff turnover, slashing sick days, and seeing a surge in productivity.

That’s not just good business; it’s excellent.

The BreakPoint Academy helps embed a culture of peak performance, where every employee is primed to excel.

This is about the long game. Investing in the BreakPoint Academy pays dividends in loyalty, efficiency, and staff retention.

Enquire here to find out how partnering with BreakPoint will take your team’s performance from standard to standout.