Why Ollie Ollerton is a Transformational Corporate Speaker for Annual Events

Aug 9, 2023Speaking

Choosing the right voice for an annual event involves considering experience, actionable insights, and a magnetic presence. Ollie Ollerton showcases all these attributes (and then some!). 

His vast experiences weave intense military experiences with business expertise. Ollie’s talks aren’t just about recounting thrilling tales from his Special Forces days; he delves into translating the Special Forces’ disciplined approach to the business arena. And how that experience has translated into the success of his own business, BreakPoint 

BreakPoint is a visionary organisation on a mission to propel individuals and businesses beyond their perceived limits.  

This philosophy emphasises resilience, adaptability, and wellness, all essential skills in today’s corporate ecosystem. 

In the realm of corporate speakers, some voices resonate more than others. Among the elite stands Ollie Ollerton. The burning question is, what makes this former Special Forces Operative a top pick for your annual event speaker? 

Opting for Ollie Ollerton as your corporate speaker is more than securing a speaker. He takes his audience on a transformational journey. That continues long after the applause dies down. Those in attendance learn how to pivot around adversity. Turning setbacks into stepping stones. Crafting talks that are not only uplifting but also tangibly actionable.  

Beyond his on-stage charisma, Breakpoint’s tools like ‘Pre-event Intelligence Gathering’ and ‘Post-event Analysis’ give businesses a lens to monitor and amplify employee wellness and productivity. Here’s a snapshot of what sets Ollie Ollerton apart: 


Employee Wellness Centric

Ollie’s talks always underscore the importance of mental resilience and wellness, translating into healthier, more productive workplaces.  


Tangible Takeaways

Your team will walk away not only inspired but will walk away with practical tools and strategies that can be implemented immediately to drive personal and team performance. 

Unforgettable Engagement

With Ollie as your speaker, it’s not just another talk. It’s an immersive experience that leaves a lasting impact.  

Ollie’s in for the long haul. Bringing tangible changes that will positively impact your organisation long after he’s left the stage. With support available that provides businesses with the tools to track and support their employee wellness goals. We’re talking about the potential to reduce sick days, improve morale, increased productivity, and employees feel more fulfilled in both their professional and personal lives. 

Prepare for an unforgettable experience that leaves your team inspired and ready to break through their limits.  

To book Ollie for your next annual event, enquire here.